March is full of promise with the arrival of spring and celebration of Easter. Flowers are blooming and there is hope of a beautiful world after a dreary winter. This March we want to pass on hope to a village that is in need of so much. Our Give Back Beautiful campaign supports Farming God's Way which is a Christian organization working in the village of Hatte Cotin in Haiti. Gordan and Shirley Montgomery founded this ministry to help the people of the village utilize sustainable farming to provide food for their families.

farming god's way in haiti

Farming God’s Way seeks teams of 4-15 people to go to Hatte Cotin, Haiti to assist with the work of this mission by:

  • Offering farming education with local farmers
  • Implementing a feeding program in the local school
  • Providing clean water from wells for drinking and crop irrigation
  • Building schools and churches

farming god's way in haiti

I am proud that my parents, Doug and Tina Grounds, volunteer with this organization once a year. After several years, they have grown to love the families and children in the village of Hatte Cotin. My father has been involved in the construction of the mission house and the school. My mother has been involved in the women’s and children’s Bible studies and the women’s sewing and craft ministry.

farming god's way in haiti

How can you help:

  • Join a mission group by contacting Farming God’s Way:
  • Pray for the ministry.
  • Buy goods that help support local artists in third world countries.
  • Make a donation to Farming God’s Way at Eccentrics Boutique. You will receive a bracelet made by the youth in the village. Eccentrics Boutique will match all donations through the month of March.

farming god's way in haiti

We hope you will open your heart to the village of Hatte Cotin and help us make a difference in their lives.


Lauren Craig

March 08, 2016 — Lauren Craig

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