Just because the weekend is over, doesn't mean the next 5 days have to be lame. So whether you are going to class or going to work, here are some of our favorite treats for the work week...

Indulge in a pint of Halo Top birthday cake ice cream. The whole pint is only 280 calories PLUS 5 grams of protein. No joke. It’s a delicious funfetti flavor with some sprinkles included. We recommend eating a whole pint by yourself while chilling in a cute graphic tee and leggings.

The second day of the week is rough. It feels like it’s been longer but the week is still early.  Schedule a mani or pedi to make it more enjoyable. You deserve it! 

We’ve made it to hump day! Plan a lunch date or dinner and drinks with your favorite person. Having a few hours to laugh with someone you care helps break up the daily grind. And the rest of the week seems like a piece of cake! Oh, and be sure to wear a cute new sweater dress with booties for a go-to fall outfit.

Let’s be real…we’re all watching Grey’s Anatomy. Is there anything else you really need for this day?? If you don’t love watching the hottest medical drama on tv, then stay in with a bowl of popcorn while binging on your Netflix favorite.

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How do you make Monday through Friday more exciting? Share your favorite weekday activities in the comments below!

October 01, 2017 — Britni Bateman

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