Eccentrics Team Style: Meet Lauren Craig | Maternity Fashion Ideas

"Treat all people with kindness and respect..."

Lauren Craig is our fearless leader at Eccentrics Boutique. Whether she is setting an example in fashion or faith, we are proud to call her boss. 

How does your job influence your personal style?  
I am typically on the go at the store, so wearing flats is a must for me. Gone are the days of heels while working! I love to find unique fashionable pieces that still enable me to unpack boxes, run up and down the steps, and stay energetic during a busy day. I love effortless style pieces!

What is your personal style?
Since becoming a mom, I am wearing more comfy clothing. But the store gives me the opportunity to dress up. I tend to love more trendy and edgy clothing styles. I always accessorize with a hat. Hint - I don’t have to fix my hair if I wear a hat!

Go-to fashion rule or styling trick?
Embrace what you like most about your body and find a style that accentuates that area. This will only boost your confidence level.

Eccentrics Team Style: Meet Lauren Craig | Maternity Fashion Ideas

Favorite part about your job?
I love my customers!!  I truly enjoy meeting, talking and getting to know each and every one. I also love to work alongside the store team members. We have such a close bond and it is like a family.  

Most challenging part of your job?
Balancing the store with my family! I have a great support system with my family and that really helps a lot. I think most working moms have this same challenge.

What’s in your shopping cart?
I love Amuse Society, Chaser and the Kendra Scott fall collection. But let’s be honest, right now I am wearing Spanx maternity leggings and oversized tops!  

One thing in your closet you could not live without?
My black felt hat, my favorite Hudson denim and a black bomber jacket! Wait..that was three items and not one. Can’t live without any of these though.

Eccentrics Team Style: Meet Lauren Craig | Maternity Fashion Ideas

What is your life motto?
Treat all people with kindness and respect, enjoy the little moments that life brings, and trust God for the journey!

How does your motto affect your style?
Instead of getting caught up in every detail, I am embracing the effortless style and wearing what makes me feel good. This ensures I'm spending more time with my family and less time in front of the mirror.

Do you have a beauty secret you wish to share?
Dry shampoo and hot pink lipstick! Let’s be honest, a working mama doesn’t always have time to wash her hair. Dry shampoo is the best product ever! And a little bright lipstick can change my look while giving me the confidence to take on the day!

Eccentrics Team Style: Meet Lauren Craig | Maternity Fashion Ideas

What is one thing no one would believe to be true about you?
My wardrobe was better before I owned a boutique. I find now since opening the store, that I don’t want to purchase the clothes for myself because I want the customers to have the best selections.

How would you describe yourself in three sentences?
I love to have fun in whatever I am doing.  I try to be joyful and happy each and every day. 

I love being a mom and wife; it gives me purpose and lots of laughter in my life. 

I try to live my life, raise my children, and manage the store in a purposeful way: to love others as God loves me!

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October 24, 2017 — Britni Bateman

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