Eccentrics Boutique Team Style: Meet Sarah

Get the look: Rails Joanna Sweater $224 // Blank NYC Modern Vice Crop Denim $88 // Kendra Scott Sophia Earring $50

How does your job influence your personal style? Like most moms, I juggle a lot of things! I work at Eccentrics Boutique (job title: inventory goddess), teach a weekly yoga class, and also give music lessons. My personal style reflects my busy life -- I wear neutral pieces that can be adapted to any situation and look very put together. And lots of skinny jeans.

Favorite part about your job? My favorite thing about all my jobs is the flexibility. I can set my own hours and make sure I’m available as a mom! I also really enjoy everything I do... it’s important to be passionate about your work.

Most challenging part of your job? At Eccentrics, it’s definitely challenging to stay organized and on top of things after Lauren’s been to market and ordered SO MUCH AWESOME CLOTHES!!

Eccentrics Boutique Team Style: Meet Sarah

What is your personal style? I would say “classic chic”. I tend to pick neutral colors and pieces that have sleek silhouettes-- then I add a touch of trendiness with shoes or jewelry.

Go-to fashion rule or styling trick? I love to take my oversized tees and knot them at the hem for a fitted look.

What’s in your shopping cart? A Cupcakes and Cashmere off-the-shoulder sweater and a pair of Blank NYC cropped denim.

One thing in your closet you could not live without? My favorite low cut ankle booties from Eccentrics! Neutral and sleek, they go with everything!

Eccentrics Boutique Team Style: Meet Sarah

What is your life motto? Save the drama for your mama!! I like to keep things mellow and have fun with life.

How does your motto affect your style? I don’t like my fashion choices to stick out in the crowd (i.e. no sparkles and minimal animal print lol), but I enjoy looking put together and confident!

Do you have a beauty secret you wish to share? If you have long hair, dry shampoo is your BEST FRIEND.

Eccentrics Boutique Team Style: Meet Sarah

What is one thing no one would believe to be true about you? I’m not an emotional person, but I cry at every single kid’s movie. :( Also, I can’t swim.

How would you describe yourself in three sentences? OMG THIS IS HARD. 1. I’m very introverted and enjoy my quiet time but I’m still fun! 2. I have a dry sense of humor. 3. I love taking care of my family!

Eccentrics Boutique Team Style: Meet Sarah

December 11, 2017 — Britni Bateman

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