Eccentrics Boutique team style - outfit ideas for retired women

"God gives every person the gift of life. What you choose to do with your life is your gift to God!"

How does your job influence your personal style?

Since retiring from my teaching position, I have more time to help out at the store.  Working at Eccentrics provides me the opportunity to dress up.  I want the customers to see that retirees can dress fashionably.  I love to see the new trends each season and wear them in an age-appropriate way!  

What is your personal style?
I love fun pieces!  Just ask Lauren, I will always gravitate to faux fur, fringe and funky shoes!

Go to fashion rule or styling trick?
I love that there are no rules!  Truly anything goes.  I think everyone must find what works for them but feel free enough to try new pieces that might be out of their ordinary wear.  

Eccentrics Boutique team style - outfit ideas for retired women

Favorite part about your job?
I am here to help Lauren.  Whatever she needs, I will do.  She is working mom with two and soon to be three kiddos.  I try to fill in and help her in any way possible.  At times, it is watching or helping out with Ledger or Elle.  Other times, it is going to market, helping with paperwork or store events!  I love it all!  

Most challenging part of your job?
I feel like I never get everything done!  There is always so much to do!  But we know that everything is in God’s hand.  He will grow the business as He sees fit.  We think this little boutique in Carterville, Illinois is something special and pray for guidance each and everyday.

Eccentrics Boutique team style - fashion ideas for retired women

What’s in your shopping cart? 
Well I always have my eye on a new Kendra Scott piece.  Every season brings a new collection and I am obsessed!  

One thing in your closet that you could not live without?
Love my favorite comfy Hudson denim.  They are soft, stretchy and the perfect length.  They are worth every penny!

What is your life motto?
God gives every person the gift of life. What you choose to do with your life is your gift to God!

How does your motto affect your style?
Each day is a new day full of new opportunities and experiences.  I hope that I can share a kind word or encourage someone each and every day.  I love to try new styles according to my agenda for the day!  

Beauty secret you wish to share?
Hmmm!  I am still searching…. but lots of moisturizer morning and night!

One thing no one would believe to be true about you?
I love chocolate and sweets!  

How would you describe yourself in three sentences.  
I am a happy GG with three, soon to be 5, beautiful grandbabies that make me so happy!  I have learned through the years the importance of grace as we all fail short every day.
I am a Christian that loves God, family and people.  I hope that others see that in me too.


Editor's note: Tina is Lauren Craig's mama. We love her more than anything and so thankful she brings such a positive presence to Eccentrics!

October 15, 2017 — Britni Bateman


Marla Glodich said:

TINA is the real deal. Genuine and beautiful…inside and out.

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