how to dress for a video conference call

If anyone told me I would be working from home right now, I would think they were crazy! Yet, here I am. Working from home and keeping my fashion-forward customers informed and excited about the new styles that are in stock.

So I'm going to share my tips for staying stylish when working from home. Just because the office is closed doesn't mean you should now live in the same pair of pajamas five days in a row. I find that my motivation and excitement for the day quickly diminishes if I'm in an uninspired outfit. So let's get started...

#1 - Professional on top, comfy on bottom

 outfit ideas for video conference calls. work from home fashion for women.

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Work-from-home rules are definitely different than office rules. When your boss schedules an impromptu video chat, you want to make sure you're dressed for the part. I recommend to put more effort into looking stylish from the waist up. Then you can pair a cute top with your favorite distressed denim or comfy jogger pants. You can still feel comfortable while looking professional in Spanx leggings, too. Just make sure it's easy to sit cross-legged or feet propped up on the couch.

#2 - Make it fun

women's work from home outfit ideas. how to dress for a video conference call.

This is your time to experiment with new outfit combinations and accessories. In a work environment like Eccentrics Boutique, we can play with different combinations all the time. However, I understand some of my customers work in more conservative office environments. This can make you play it safe with outfit choices. So take this opportunity to take a risk on mixing prints and layering jewelry. You just might discover a new style that can transition back into the office.

#3 - Colors and patterns

women's work from home outfit ideas. how to dress for a video conference call.

Variety is the spice of life! Plan out your weekly wardrobe based on different colors and prints. Mondays are wild, so throw on an animal print! Make the middle of the week pop with bright colors on Wednesdays. You earned your stripes come Friday, so bring on the multicolor lines. Having a fun plan can bring lots of joy in your day. Check out all the new clothing arrivals here!

#4 - Layer it up

women's work from home outfit ideas. how to dress for a video conference call.

Dust that jewelry off!! I know you are typically rushing around getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches, fixing a quick breakfast for the family, and getting yourself together. How many times did you forget to put on earrings or wear your favorite necklace? This stops today! Jewelry is like the sprinkles on the cupcake. And you need your sprinkles. So whether it's your favorite Kendra Scott necklace or Gorjana earrings, get them out. Wear them. And if you don't have any favorite pieces, we got you. Check out our jewelry selection.

#5 - Throw on a hat

women's trendy hats at Eccentrics Boutique. Hats for unwashed hair.

Look, I'm the last person to talk about washing your hair. While everyone was stocking up on toilet paper, I was grabbing all the bottles of dry shampoo. So when the hair starts getting a little on the questionable side, I throw on a cute hat. This changes everything. And you'll confidently be able to run out the front door to check your mail, take a lunch break stroll around the block, and wave at your neighbors with 6 feet of space between you. Check out our hat selection here.

#6 - Break in those shoes

women's trendy shoes at Eccentrics Boutique.

You know the pair. Those shoes you bought because they were so darn cute...but you haven't had the chance to break them in yet. Walk around in them all day at home. You can get them worn and comfy by the time it's safe to go back to your office. And if all of your shoes are broken in, is the time to get some cute new pairs that make your heart happy. Check out the huge online shoe selection

#7 - Assess your closet

Take this opportunity to assess your closet. During the everyday grind, we can get in a routine of wearing the same things over and over. This can get boring quick. So take a true look at your closet when you are selecting your outfit for the day. What do you want your style to say about you? How do you want to present yourself? Now is the time to do some browsing on the Eccentrics Boutique website and start building your dream wardrobe for this new season.

I hope you feel inspired to make your days more stylish and more productive! Soon we will be back in the world and surrounded with friends and loved ones. I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

XO, Lauren

April 18, 2020 — Lauren Craig


Kasie Meneese said:

I absolutely LOVE the shoe idea. This really is the best time for it! How creative!

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