Hey there! If you're new to the Eccentrics community, then you're in for a treat because we're all about spreading love and making a difference together! At Eccentrics, giving back is our jam, and boy, have we had a blast partnering up with incredible charities, non-profits, and local heroes throughout the year!

And guess what? We're kicking off 2024 with a double dose of awesome by teaming up with Renew and Helen Honey's – two fantastic groups that are making waves in their own unique ways.

Let's start with Renew! Picture this: low-cost clothing and home goods making their way into the hearts and homes of the lovely people of Southern Illinois. And when you snag something from Renew, your contribution circles right back into our communities, spreading warmth and cheer where it's needed most!

Now, onto Helen Honey's! Back in 2000, Verna and her sister embarked on a beautiful journey by opening a day center for individuals with disabilities. What started with just five clients grew into an incredible family of 45-plus clients, all with dreams bigger than the sky!

Verna, a force of nature, set her sights on creating a vocational day center. Together with her unstoppable team, they scoured every nook and cranny of Illinois for that perfect match. And you know what they found? A resale shop! Yep, that's where the treasure trove of Helen Honey's Resale Shop came into play.

Why Helen Honey's, you ask? Well, Verna's mom, the heart and soul of it all, was the inspiration. Her love knew no bounds, and she had this delightful habit of calling everyone "honey." Hence, the clients paid homage to her endearing spirit by naming their haven "Helen Honey's." Talk about a beautiful tribute!

And guess what? You're a superhero in this story too! We're rallying up donations to keep these incredible organizations thriving. Got some gently loved items gathering dust? Bring them on over! We'll make sure they find a new home with Helen Honeys and Renew, spreading joy like confetti.

Oh, and the best part? As a big, heartfelt thank-you for your kindness, you get a sweet deal! Bring your goodies, and in return, enjoy a fabulous 20% off on all regular-priced clothing and shoes. And hold onto your hats because we've got a SALE going on too – totaling a whopping 70% off! How's that for spreading love and style?

Jump on over to our stories to catch a sneak peek of the price drops and join us on this amazing journey of giving back and making our world a little brighter, one sparkle at a time! Let's do this, fam! ✨🌟

January 09, 2024 — Ben Childers

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