Crown Brew Coffee Co. and Eccentrics Boutique in Carterville, Illinois

Oh, hey! This is a VERY IMPORTANT PSA that coffee is not just a fall and winter drink! In fact, coffee has gotten even cooler thanks to Crown Brew Coffee Co. in downtown Carterville, Illinois. They are serving up some delicious cold brew drinks that make more of a fashion statement than your handbag...and we love handbags. So that's saying a lot. In honor of this must-have summer accessory, we tried out these refreshing ice cold drinks and chilled out in our favorite Southern Illinois coffee shop.

By the way, you can purchase a cold brew growler that will keep you satisfied in between trips to the coffee shop!

Crown Brew Coffee Co. and Eccentrics Boutique in Southern Illinois

Here's our conversation with Jared Gravatt, co-owner of Crown Brew Coffee Co. 

How did coffee become the coolest accessory?
I think it started when the world would follow these fashion icons walking down the streets of New York with their coffee drinks in hand looking fly AF. Somehow it just completed the entire ensemble. Style speaks and our accessories speak the loudest because they’re “extra.” Accessories display a certain confidence that says “I deserve to look this good" and when it comes to coffee it says “I deserve to treat myself to this amazing beverage.” It all sends a message of confidence that can be really inspiring. It just makes sense for the two to go hand-in-hand.

Crown Brew Coffee Co. and Eccentrics Boutique in Southern Illinois

What sets Crown Brew Coffee apart from Starbucks and other coffee shops?
I could go off about how our coffee has a much higher SCAA rating than Starbucks but I really dont believe that is what makes us different from them and other coffee shops. Crown Brew is unique in that we try really hard to create community. Our focus is all about the experience we provide, and we hope that experience sets us apart from our competitors.

To put it simply we want our customers to feel seen, heard and loved. We want to make brewing craft coffee relatable so that people can experience the fullness of all that it offers without feeling intimidated by it.

Why do you think your coffee has become a trend in our region?
I ask myself that every day. I honestly dont know. What I do know is that if you give yourself over to what you are truly passionate about people will follow and celebrate that passion with you.

Crown Brew Coffee Co. and Eccentrics Boutique in Southern Illinois

Do you think coffee and fashion are similar industries?
100% YES. What we feel, what we see, what we hear, what we taste and what we smell all can create ONE experience. STYLE is the thing that connects all of those things to become a cohesive experience. Why do we like to dress up when we go out for a nice dinner? Why do we like to wear tank tops and sandals whenever we go to a taco food truck? Or why do we like to look “trendy” and “cute” whenever we go on a coffee date with a friend? All of those “places” have a style and that style influences what we wear when we go there.

Does your personal style influence your brand?
Absolutely. Its almost impossible not to. I've always loved rustic modern style with a twist. I would like to think our shop is that way; however, I would say the personality of the brand is slightly different than my own. I tend to be a little more laid-back and reserved, while Crown Brew tries to be really outgoing and friendly. Crown Brew Coffee never meets a stranger.

What’s your favorite cold brew drink for the summer?
My favorite has to be the White Turtle Cold Brew Latte; however, there is a new drink we are releasing called the Coffee Tonic and it's delightful this summer. It is made with our Ethiopian cold brew, Tonic water and Amoretto syrup. It's super fancy tasting.

Crown Brew Coffee Co. and Eccentrics Boutique in Southern Illinois

What makes your shop the #1 selfie destination in Southern Illinois?
The brick walls make for an awesome background for the perfect selfie. We also have really nice natural lighting. You selfie-lovers out there know that good lighting is a MUST. We also have unique art and eclectic furniture which pairs well with any style really. I mean. I can't promise you’re going to become insta-famous if you post a selfie in Crown Brew, but I can promise all your friends are going to think you’re cool AF for being there.

Do you notice if your customers tend to dress trendier when they come to Crown Brew?
I never really know if our shop just seems to attract trendy people or if our shop inspires people to dress trendier whenever they come in...but people are definitely trendy whenever they visit. I love it so much. It makes me happy whenever I see people from all ages want to take their picture inside the coffee shop. I want more than anything to make people feel good, and to feel like they look good whenever they come into Crown Brew.

Crown Brew Coffee Co. and Eccentrics Boutique in Southern Illinois

Okay, ladies, brb while we go take a selfie and sip some delicious cold brew. If you haven't been, make this your must-visit destination this summer. Oh, and stop by Eccentrics on the way!


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June 18, 2018 — Britni Bateman

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