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Hey, ladies! Here is an open letter from Connor James, founder of Meaningfull Books, about the one lie every man is telling...


Your man is a liar.

Don’t worry, he’s not lying to you. He’s lying to himself.

As men, we start to buy into this idiotic “macho-man” narrative. In some cases, it is out of our control. It is taught to us over time.

  • From a dad who never told us he loved us.
  • From a coach who was insecure and told us to “be a man”.
  • From other men who are acting like they have it all together.

I could go on but I want to get to the lie your man is telling himself. It’s a lie that has been embedded in his heart.

Expressing emotion is a sign of weakness.

We think it's against the rules. Even worse, we start to believe we are incapable of showing you the emotion you need to feel loved and appreciated.

All men believe this lie. Honestly, we have to fight like hell to overcome it. It can be really hard to do.

It used to be a big struggle for me until I created a list of questions that made it really simple to communicate and express how much my wife meant to me.

I just divided our relationship into three categories.

  • I reflect back on the awesome things we’ve done together.
  • I acknowledge the things I may take for granted today
  • I think about our future together.

This is the basic layout of the MeaningFull Book writing guides and it has been working for other men too.

The men in this video are living, breathing proof of that. At the 1:38 mark you can hear the lie Joe used to believe when he said, “I was a little worried about how I would be able to put things into words. Things were locked down inside of me.”

If you want to help your man stop believing the lie then you need to do one of the following.  

  • Buy a journal and write it for him.
  • Modeling the behavior you want may be the perfect recipe to get the attention you deserve.
  • Buy a journal for him. Encourage him to write it for you.
  • Bring your man to Eccentrics Boutique on February 10th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. 
  • You can pick out your favorite outfit while I convince him he is capable of writing a MeaningFull Book for you.

You really have no idea how exciting your story actually is. The longer you keep letting this absurd lie win, the greater the possibility that no one ever knows the love and appreciation you each feel for one another.

Writing With You,



PS- Lauren is writing a MeaningFull Book for her husband, Aaron. She’s convinced Connor to give all of our lovely ladies an online discount.

Go to www.meaningfullbooks.com and use the code: ECCENTRICS and you will save $20. Shipping still applies. Hurry, because the offer will close THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH, 2018 at 8:00AM CST.

January 24, 2018 — Lauren Craig

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