The 5 denim pieces all fashion girls have in their closet. Shop denim at Eccentrics Boutique.

Trend Report: Denim Down

collage of influences wearing their favorite denim. Shop designer denim at Eccentrics Boutique.

The influencers and fashion people of the world have spoken (or rather....worn?) and here are the five denim pieces you need for a complete wardrobe.

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1. Straight Jean

Gone are the days of the beloved skinny jeans. Here to replace them: Straight Leg Denim.

Not gonna lie, we weren't sure about them at first, but they are here to stay! We have your needs covered! Shop our straight jean styles.

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2. Wide Leg or Flare Denim

This style needed no convincing of us. You probably already know how we love flares of all sizes. It's no surprise that our 90s wide leg flares and mini flares are some of our best-selling denim ever!

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Okay, hear us out...skinnies! 

We won't count these as a must-have, but they are still a fave! Look, we get it. Gen Z has spoken and skinny jeans are "out." But the reality is that we aren't ready to box up our skinnies just yet. So if you're like us, we are here for your skinny jean needs too!

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3. Denim Shorts

Cut-offs, bermudas, and denim shorts of all shapes are a summer staple that will never not be a thing.

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4. Denim Jacket

Whether you're layering over a dress, a t-shirt, or going full Britney-and-Justin in a Canadian Tuxedo, denim jackets are a must-have in our books. And the funkier they are, the more we love them!

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5. Denim Dress, Jumpsuit, or Overalls

Having a one-piece denim outfit is a go-to for on-the-go girlies and makes trending easy by just adding accessories. You may not need all three, but we totally love them all! Shop women's denim dress, denim jumpsuit and denim overalls.

Happy Trending!

April 25, 2022 — Lauren Craig

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