18 Easy-to-Keep Resolutions for 2018

January 03, 2018

18 Easy to Keep Resolutions for 2018

Look, we can be all cliche and talk about how we have 365 new blank pages and get lofty goals to sound so enlightened about the new year. But let's be real. As fun and inspiring as they are, not all resolutions are easy to keep. So sure, throw one or two goals that set the bar high...but let's add some we can actually accomplish! Maybe some of our 18 might make your list:

  1. Schedule a regular mani/pedi date. You deserve to be pampered. Besides, it's going to be time to wear those cute wedges. Be prepared.
  2. Call your mom (or mother figure) on the regular. She gives good advice and wants to hear your voice.
  3. Play dress up. Remember when you were a kid and tried on all the clothes in your mother's closet? Well, do it as an adult with your own closet. This is a great opportunity to see what you have an create new outfits in the process.
  4. Eat more vegetables. Snack on some baby carrots, or celery sticks, or sliced bell peppers a little more often. Even if you have to add ranch dressing. Just eat your veggies.
  5. Clean out your closet. Out with the old and in with the new. Get rid of the items you never wear and make room for our new spring styles.
  6. Eat more ice cream (or enjoy low calorie Halo Top). Pretty sure it's scientifically proven to make you a happier person.
  7. Find a new pair of statement sunglasses. It's amazing how some trendy shades can add confidence.
  8. Take more road trips. If your 2017 was anything like ours, it flew by in a flash. So plan more time for FUN.
  9. Binge-watch a new Netflix show all weekend. No plans. No distractions. Microwave some popcorn and get cozy in an oversized sweater. Pants optional.
  10. Try a new pop of lip color. It might change your life. (We are obsessing over our girl Molly's L'Oreal Infallible Liquid Lipstick in Matador.)
  11. Try on new clothing styles you would normally never wear. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  12. Take a long, relaxing bubble bath once a week. Bonus points if you use luxurious Lollia products.
  13. Shop investment pieces. Splurge on those designer booties or Hudson jeans. These are the styles you will wear constantly and definitely get your money's worth.
  14. Shop Kendra Scott on your birthday. If you're local, you will get 50% off one favorite Kendra Scott piece with a $50 purchase when you shop in-store on your birthday.
  15. Take more selfies with people you love. It's great seeing your lovely face, but one day you'll wish you had that selfie with your adorable grandma, baby nephew or childhood friend.
  16. Wear more outfits from Eccentrics Boutique and tag us in your social media selfies! (You didn't think we would let this opportunity pass us by...did you?)
  17. Spend the whole day in your pajamas and a messy bun. Whether you're cuddling on the couch with your significant other, starting a new lifestyle blog or cleaning your house...you deserve a day in comfort.
  18. Perfect your go-to outfit. Are you a graphic tee and distressed denim girl? Or heels and sexy dress? Do you always add a wide-brimmed hat and ankle booties? Build outfits around your signature look.

What is your New Year's resolution? Whether it's challenging or simple...we hope this year brings you many reasons to smile. Here's to another stylish year!


The Eccentrics Team

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