This month's Give Back Beautiful campaign features local no-kill Cache Creek Animal Rescue. We all have a huge place in our hearts for our own furbabies. These little guys and girls make our homes happier and we don't know what we'd do without them! So we want you to meet our precious pets....


"Our dog, Pepper, is 5 years old! She was our first "fur-baby" before we ever had our son Ransom. She is a mix of poodle and rat terrier (we think:). She is a scruffy mess of adorable and we love her! However, she has claimed Ransom as her current best friend. Probably because he shares all his meals with her when we aren't looking. She is a great dog and we are happy she is apart of our family!" - Jordan


"West Highland Terriers are known to be tenacious, and our Oscar upholds that reputation. After our first Westie, Bubba, passed away we were never having another. Never say never. Our "empty nest" seems to be filled with a furry boy who licks tears when I am sad, plays rough with Dad, pouts when he is upset that we are leaving...but still loves us unconditionally. Pets are a precious gift from God to us." - Tammy

Lucy, Dover & Buster Brown

"My life forever changed once I adopted my little Lucy. She's a full blooded Cocker Spaniel who was in a bad living situation. We became inseparable and she is just like my child. Several months later, my husband saw a sweet little brown mix puppy on a local animal shelter's Facebook page. Not soon after, Dover became a member of our family. And about six months after that, an abandoned pit bull mix puppy was added to our furbaby collection. Our life is crazy with three dogs under 2 years of age running around. They drive me nuts and yet are the highlight of my day. I cannot imagine life without them. All three were rescued and I wouldn't have it any other way." - Britni


"Lila was my first baby. We got her right after we got married! She is a Peek-a-Poo and such a sweet natured little lady. Especially since my little boy likes to pick on her!!" - Lauren

Ulysees Winston "Grant" and Darcy Elizabeth

"I ensure a good day at work by starting off my morning with coffee, puppy love and Jesus! My two furbabies are five year old West Highland Terriers. These babies give unconditional love and lots of snuggles and kisses. They are both full of attitude and provide our family with so much laughter. Momma is their favorite. They do not like it when deer or other wildlife trespass in our yard and they make sure we all know about it. Grant can smell a skunk 3 miles away and will go to every window and door in the house day or night to make sure they haven't snuck in. Darcy is a Princess and has no time for selfies. They sleep with Audrey Kate until about 4 and then they sneak in bed with momma. They were my 15th wedding anniversary gift because they were a gift that was going to keep on giving. I did not want them, but I would be heartbroken without them now. They are just like one of my kids. Did I mention I adore them?" - Terra


"I love Mila because..... She is me, in dog form!! My sister always says "if Mila were a human, she would be you." Her two favorite things are eating and sleeping, and she loves to pose for selfies and look at her!!! She's so tiny and cute!!" - Taylor

 Jubilee, Snickers, and Tiger

"Jubilee is my loveable Labradoodle! He's so happy and just a wonderful part of my life! The last image is of my dog Snickers and cat, Tiger. Snickers passed away a couple of months ago but will always be my furbaby!" - Anna Clare

Jasper, Whiskers, and Katie



"Jaspers, Whiskers, and Katie were all strays that people dumped near our house and we took them in. Katie has only one eye because she got hurt when she was a kitten. We're not sure how it happened, but she's as sharp as ever, even with only one eye!" - Abby

Show your love for the furbabies in the world by donating to the local no kill shelter: Cache Creek Animal Rescue.

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