Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Easter is a very special time of year for all of us at Eccentrics Boutique. But it's more than beautiful women buying beautiful dresses and showing up to church on Sunday. This year is different for one of our stylists, Terra Farthing...
April 08, 2017

March 2017 Give Back Beautiful: The Night's Shield

The Night's Shield

Eccentrics Boutique is featuring The Night's Shield for March 2017's Give Back Beautiful campaign. The Night's Shield provides a "shield in the night" for children who have been removed from their homes due to neglect, abuse, and/or abandonment.

Customers who donate items from their immediate needs list will receive 20% OFF one regular priced item (excluding Kendra Scott jewelry). 

$25 gift cards (AMC Theaters, Kroger, Walmart, Bowling, Pirate Pete’s, Gas Cards), men’s tennis shoes (sizes 10-13), women’s one-piece swimsuits (sizes XS-XL), boxes of printer paper, bulk packs of disinfectant spray, bulk packs of bleach wipes, red nylon P.E. shorts (sizes adult medium-XL)

March 06, 2017

Happy Boss's Day, Lauren!

Happy Boss's Day to Lauren Craig of Eccentrics Boutique

All of us at Eccentrics Boutique are honored to work for the best boss in the world...Lauren Craig! She's absolutely beautiful inside and out. And we wanted to share all the reasons why we love working for her. So here's all the reasons why we are thankful Lauren is our boss...


"Lauren is one of the strongest, most beautiful, and most incredible people I've ever met. Her desire for her business to thrive is so admirable, and her respect and care for her employees is so obvious and genuine, that anybody around can't help but notice it. I could never ask for a better person to work for. She has taught me so much, and I have become not only a better employee, but a better person because of her. I have grown to love her and her family, and I can't wait to see the many opportunities to come." - Abby


"Lauren is not only a woman of beautiful style, hair, and lipstick, but is a woman of the most beautiful heart. She cares for those around her with a selflessness and kindness that exceeds most. Her strength shines in the face of difficulty. You can rarely find her without a smile and a word of encouragement. She is also incredibly generous, with hands always willing to give to others. This is what makes her a not only a great boss, but also a truly great friend. Love you so much and am so thankful for you, Lauren!" - Jordan


"I haven't been working for Lauren long but I have never met a woman like her. I already feel like I am a part of the family she has created at Eccentrics. Lauren is never seen without a huge smile and "how are ya?" She is, without a doubt, one of the strongest and most beautiful people that I have met and I'm so blessed to call her my friend as well as my boss. The way she cares about each and every customer that walks through our doors is truly heartwarming. To know that I work at a place that Lauren has put her heart and soul into makes me so proud of her and the store. I have so much love for her giving heart. I can't wait to see how our relationship grows and I'm forever thankful that God placed us in each other's lives. I'm so blessed to know her. Love you, Lauren!" - Molly


"I started to get to know Lauren through our church community group about a year or so ago, and unexpectedly this past Spring, a job opportunity arose for me to work at her store. I was skeptical at first, being a stay at home mom for the past seven years, thinking that there is no way I'm going to find a job that is flexible enough for our family dynamic. I was wrong. Lauren has gone above and beyond to allow my job to be flexible for my schedule with my family. I'm so blessed that I get to be a full time mom but also work at a beautiful store with truly beautiful people. Before I took the job, I heard nothing but positive things about Lauren as a person and as a boss. She has met and far exceeded those words said about her. When I think of Lauren, some of the first words that come to mind are Strong, Beautiful, Kind, Fun, Energetic, Positive, and Compassionate. She treats everyone with respect and kindness. She doesn't show favoritism. As a boss, she is encouraging and not critical. She makes you feel at ease instead of on edge. She cares about her employees and her customers. She is a great business woman and I'm so glad I get to be a part of the Eccentrics family. I'm very thankful to have Lauren in my life. She is my boss but she is also my friend." - Alisha


"Over three years ago, Lauren hired me and gave me the opportunity to have my dream job. Every hour that I spend at Eccentrics Boutique is the highlight of my day. Lauren has built an incredible business from her own vision of making women feel confident. I have watched her inspire others to be their own kind of beautiful that goes beyond clothing and accessories. Lauren has a natural ability to create a family and lifelong friends out of customers and employees. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word to say. I'm proud to be a part of Eccentrics Boutique. Lauren is an inspiration and I am blessed to call her my boss, my friend, and my family. Happy Boss's Day, Lauren!" - Britni


"There is this gorgeous lady, that has a precious spirit, a heart of gold and wears bright pink lipstick. She is strong, she loves Jesus, her family and friends. God gave her a dream and she has worked hard to fulfill it. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote "Things are pretty, graceful, rich, elegant, handsome, but until they speak to the imagination, not yet beautiful." I am so glad she is caring, creative and had the imagination to make Eccentrics the store it is. People are naturally drawn to friendly people and she makes everyone that enters the boutique feel like they are special. Her contagious smile puts everyone at ease and she genuinely cares enough to help our customers find the perfect outfit. She cares about our community and is thankful for her blessings, so in return she gives back. Hebrews 13:16 "Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifice God is pleased." What an excellent way to show people your appreciation. I am so blessed to call this amazing lady my friend and my boss. She cares about us and our families. Working at Eccentrics is beyond fun and very exciting. The Eccentrics Team are a tight knit group of ladies at different stages in life, with the same heart following a leader that exhibits grace and beauty and together we want all women to know they are beautiful. "It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it." - Voltaire. I have heard so many people comment on the blessings they receive just by walking into the store. Her precious spirit and caring personality bless people. This lady that is such a blessing in so many lives is Lauren Craig." - Terra


Happy Boss's Day, Lauren! We love you!

Your Eccentrics Girls

October 16, 2016

September 2016 Give Back Beautiful: Carterville Chamber of Commerce Free Fair Parade

Eccentrics Boutique at Carterville Free Fair Parade

This month, we were so excited to give back to our community! So for September's Give Back Beautiful, we sponsored the Carterville Chamber of Commerce Free Fair and Twilight 5K Run Walk. Carterville is a close knit community that keeps growing! The best way to see everyone from the town is the walk in the parade! So we put on our pink tops, pink lipstick and walking shoes. Here are some of our favorite images from the day!

Eccentrics Boutique at Carterville Free Fair Parade

Eccentrics Boutique at Carterville Free Fair Parade

Not only did we see new faces...we saw some familiar ones as well! Jordan Sparks of Lily Design Company brought her family out to catch candy and Mandy Rose with House of Rose brought her beautiful daughter to her first parade!

We are so proud to be a part of this great community! Come see us and all the new businesses popping up in Carterville, Illinois.

September 10, 2016

July Give Back Beautiful Campaign: Gum Drop Kids

July Give Back Beautiful Campaign Gum Drops Kids at Eccentrics Boutique

Hello, ladies! It's time to give back beautiful! We are doing a food drive for a local non-profit called Gum Drop Kids. So many kids go hungry after school hours. Gum Drop Kids provides local children with food so they do not go hungry when at home. Children with an empty stomach have a harder time focusing and succeeding in the school environment. We want to make sure every child has an opportunity for success in our communities!

July Give Back Beautiful Campaign for Gum Drops Kids at Eccentrics Boutique

Gum Drop Kids has provided 44,100 meals during the 2014-2015 school year in Southern Illinois. Today they deliver over 1,400+ packages weekly. They are in 12 different school districts and 36 schools throughout Southern Illinois.

Bring in a small bag of donated snacks to Eccentrics Boutique and we will give you 15% OFF your entire purchase* including sale items. Help us make this campaign a huge success!

List of Needed Items: Chef Boyardee, Fruit Cups, Ramen Noodles, Pudding Packs, Oatmeal, Cheese and Crackers, Applesauce Cups, Easy Mac Bowls, Popcorn

Find out more on their website.

*Excludes Kendra Scott jewelry. In-store only. Must bake a donation of a small bag from list of needed items.

July 09, 2016

In Honor of Tender Mercies Foundation of Southern Illinois

In honor of Tender Mercies Foundation of Southern Illinois, we released balloons in memory of those who are gone but not forgotten. On Tuesday, May 31st, 20% of all sales benefits TMFSI.

Tender Mercies Foundation of Southern Illinois Balloon Release

TMFSI offers memory items, burial guidance, grief counseling, education, one-on-one support, confidentiality and annual remembrance events. TMFSI is also in the process of establishing a Tender Garden. The Tender Garden will be a resting place for children and babies in our area. It is more likely that parents will be faced with the decision on where they might bury their child only moments before or after their passing than it is that they have a plan in place for such occasions.  Some have family plots that are available to them and some have not even had the discussion for themselves, let alone their children.  There are visitors to our area that do not plan to stay.  There are those that simply cannot afford to purchase a forever place their child.

Contact them if you or someone you know needs their services: (618) 521-7463

Lauren Craig

June 01, 2016

May 2016 Give Back Beautiful: Tender Mercies Foundation

Eccentrics Boutique Give Back Beautiful Campaign Tender Mercies Foundation

Tender Mercies Foundation of Southern Illinois is a non-profit charitable organization to benefit those affected by pregnancy, infant and child loss. TMFSI offers memory items, burial guidance, grief counseling, education, one-on-one support, confidentiality and annual remembrance events. TMFSI is also in the process of establishing a Tender Garden. The Tender Garden will be a resting place for children and babies in our area. It is more likely that parents will be faced with the decision on where they might bury their child only moments before or after their passing than it is that they have a plan in place for such occasions.  Some have family plots that are available to them and some have not even had the discussion for themselves, let alone their children.  There are visitors to our area that do not plan to stay.  There are those that simply cannot afford to purchase a forever place their child.

Stop by Eccentrics Boutique to leave a donation and write a message in memory to honor a life that had so little time. Messages will be attached to balloons released on
Memorial Weekend: Saturday, May 28th. Lauren will match all donations received during May.

Cash & check donations only.

Eccentrics Boutique Give Back Beautiful Campaign Tender Mercies Foundation

TMFSI provides mothers with memory items so they do not leave the hospital empty handed. Here are items they provide...

Memory Box:  A custom handmade memory box that each of the mothers and families are able to hold onto through time.  It is their choice on what to include in these boxes but often times you will find birth information, gifted items and pictures.  This is a box that each family is able to personalize to their experience.

Lullaby Gowns: Often times these babies are a pound, or less, and are barely the length of an adult hand.  Following the lead of others, TMFSI plans to turn donated wedding gowns into lullaby gowns for the newly born.

Edwin the Elephant: Mothers will receive Edwin with a TMFSI contact card so they do not leave empty handed. Mothers are encouraged to hold onto Edwin until they are ready to let go. TMFSI will have the baby’s name and birth information embroidered on the ears.

Impression Kits: No matter how big or small, having an impression of your child’s hand or foot when born is something always cherished. TMFSI hopes to help supply the hospital(s) with special kits, made especially for such tender skin, so that such a gift can be available.

Tiny Flower Pot: To recognize loss by miscarriage, TMFSI wants to provide mothers with a tiny flower pot containing an elephant shaped seed. This will bloom in memory.

Pin for Nurses: Nurses are on the front lines with patients during pregnancy and child loss. TMFSI wants to recognize nurses experiencing their own feelings of loss.

Eccentrics Boutique Give Back Beautiful Campaign Tender Mercies Foundation

The elephant has become the symbol of Tender Mercies Foundation. The elephant is the only known mammal that actually grieve for their loss. When an elephant is pregnant, other elephants will circle the mother to offer support like a doula.

Help us help Tender Mercies Foundation of Southern Illinois. Each donation will make a difference for a very important foundation in our communities.

The Eccentrics Team

May 07, 2016

September 2015 Give Back Beautiful: Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's changes lives. It's been such a tough disease to watch my family go through. I remember days at my grandmother's house eating ice cream, watching movies, and talking about everything. Those visits are different now; I’m lucky if my grandmother remembers my name, who I’m married to and where I live. It's sad. It’s difficult carrying a conversation with someone who doesn’t answer you back. I often wonder if my grandmother can hear or understand what I’m saying. No one can really understand what people go through, unless you have a relative like my grandma - someone with Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's makes a normal person start forgetting things until they can’t remember how to talk, walk or even do such a simple thing as hug someone. You have to be really brave to visit someone who changes every time you see them because after all, you still love them like I love my grandma. It's just painful to watch them slip away. I miss the old days, the days before my grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

My grandma always predicted my future (she might not remember it), but she always wanted me to open a shop beside Your Jeweler (my father-in-law's store). She was such an inspiration to me!

Have you been affected by Alzheimer's in your family? Please join us on Saturday, September 26th at Carbondale Community High School at the Frank Bleyer Field. Registration at 8:30am. Ceremony at 9:30am. Walk at 10:00am. Route Length: 3.2 miles.

To join or donate to the Eccentrics Team, click this link here: http://act.alz.org/site/TR/Walk2015/IL-GreaterIllinois?team_id=294804&pg=team&fr_id=7472



September 17, 2015

Meet Our Pets | Eccentrics Boutique

This month's Give Back Beautiful campaign features local no-kill Cache Creek Animal Rescue. We all have a huge place in our hearts for our own furbabies. These little guys and girls make our homes happier and we don't know what we'd do without them! So we want you to meet our precious pets....


"Our dog, Pepper, is 5 years old! She was our first "fur-baby" before we ever had our son Ransom. She is a mix of poodle and rat terrier (we think:). She is a scruffy mess of adorable and we love her! However, she has claimed Ransom as her current best friend. Probably because he shares all his meals with her when we aren't looking. She is a great dog and we are happy she is apart of our family!" - Jordan


"West Highland Terriers are known to be tenacious, and our Oscar upholds that reputation. After our first Westie, Bubba, passed away we were never having another. Never say never. Our "empty nest" seems to be filled with a furry boy who licks tears when I am sad, plays rough with Dad, pouts when he is upset that we are leaving...but still loves us unconditionally. Pets are a precious gift from God to us." - Tammy

Lucy, Dover & Buster Brown

"My life forever changed once I adopted my little Lucy. She's a full blooded Cocker Spaniel who was in a bad living situation. We became inseparable and she is just like my child. Several months later, my husband saw a sweet little brown mix puppy on a local animal shelter's Facebook page. Not soon after, Dover became a member of our family. And about six months after that, an abandoned pit bull mix puppy was added to our furbaby collection. Our life is crazy with three dogs under 2 years of age running around. They drive me nuts and yet are the highlight of my day. I cannot imagine life without them. All three were rescued and I wouldn't have it any other way." - Britni


"Lila was my first baby. We got her right after we got married! She is a Peek-a-Poo and such a sweet natured little lady. Especially since my little boy likes to pick on her!!" - Lauren

Ulysees Winston "Grant" and Darcy Elizabeth

"I ensure a good day at work by starting off my morning with coffee, puppy love and Jesus! My two furbabies are five year old West Highland Terriers. These babies give unconditional love and lots of snuggles and kisses. They are both full of attitude and provide our family with so much laughter. Momma is their favorite. They do not like it when deer or other wildlife trespass in our yard and they make sure we all know about it. Grant can smell a skunk 3 miles away and will go to every window and door in the house day or night to make sure they haven't snuck in. Darcy is a Princess and has no time for selfies. They sleep with Audrey Kate until about 4 and then they sneak in bed with momma. They were my 15th wedding anniversary gift because they were a gift that was going to keep on giving. I did not want them, but I would be heartbroken without them now. They are just like one of my kids. Did I mention I adore them?" - Terra


"I love Mila because..... She is me, in dog form!! My sister always says "if Mila were a human, she would be you." Her two favorite things are eating and sleeping, and she loves to pose for selfies and look at her!!! She's so tiny and cute!!" - Taylor

 Jubilee, Snickers, and Tiger

"Jubilee is my loveable Labradoodle! He's so happy and just a wonderful part of my life! The last image is of my dog Snickers and cat, Tiger. Snickers passed away a couple of months ago but will always be my furbaby!" - Anna Clare

Jasper, Whiskers, and Katie



"Jaspers, Whiskers, and Katie were all strays that people dumped near our house and we took them in. Katie has only one eye because she got hurt when she was a kitten. We're not sure how it happened, but she's as sharp as ever, even with only one eye!" - Abby

Show your love for the furbabies in the world by donating to the local no kill shelter: Cache Creek Animal Rescue.

July 27, 2015

July 2015 Give Back Beautiful: Cache Creek Animal Rescue

It is our second installment of our "Give Back Beautiful" campaign. This month is all about those furbabies! We are huge animal lovers at Eccentrics Boutique and have our own special four legged "children." So partnering up with Cache Creek Animal Rescue was a no-brainer! This non-profit organization is a no-kill shelter located in Anna, IL. There is also an adoption center located in New Lenox, IL. Donna Hawk owns and runs Cache Creek Animal Shelter. They are one of the few shelters that pull senior animals, heartworm positive and animals with disabilities from kill-shelters to be adopted. They run entirely on donations and volunteers. About 100-150 animals are at their main location in Anna, IL at a time. These dogs and cats are then transferred by Donna every week (about 15-30 animals at a time) to the new adoption center in New Lenox, IL. Just recently, the shelter experienced terrible flooding during the storms on June 19th. Here are some images of the damage. Bring in a donation item to Eccentrics and receive 20% OFF your entire purchase of regular priced items! Scroll on down to read what you can donate to help them out!

Cache Creek Animal Rescue Donation Wish List

  • Dry Dog Food
  • Canned Dog Food
  • Dry Cat Food
  • Canned Cat Food
  • Shade clothes for outside kennels and runs
  • Large Water Buckets
  • Play pools
  • Bleach
  • Leashes
  • Dish Soap
  • Plastic Travel Cages
  • Cat Litter
  • Tarps
  • Animal Shampoo
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Large Fans
  • Gas Gift Cards
  • Metal Crates
  • Plastic Trays for crates (all sizes)
  • Rubber dog toys
  • Collars
  • Rawhides/Treats
  • Towels and blankets
  • Newspapers
  • Hand tools
  • Weed Spray
  • Push Lawnmower
  • Weed repellant
  • And more!!

Contact Cache Creek Animal Rescue for more information: (815)582-4062 or (618)893-2500


July 01, 2015

May 2015 Give Back Beautiful: Pregnancy Matters


At Eccentrics Boutique, we aspire to "Give Back Beautiful" to our community. We are excited to launch our newest campaign with a very important local agency: Pregnancy Matters. As a company that focuses on women, we also value family. Family is everything to us in this life. And we want to show that same support to those in our community.

Pregnancy Matters offers support to over 1,500 individuals and families in 12 different southern Illinois counties. Their medical staff includes a Medical Director to oversee free sonogram services. They also have volunteer nurses who gather medical histories from clients, provide patient education, and answer questions to assist in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Their ultrasound technicians volunteer once a week to confirm a viable pregnancy and make referrals for prenantal care.

A list of their services include:

  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Ultrasound services
  • Emotional support
  • Confidential assistance
  • Educational workshops for new and expecting mothers
  • Financial counseling
  • Follow-up calls
  • Home visits (when requested)

Pregnancy Matters also offers donations to families in need:

  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Maternity clothing
  • Baby supplies
  • Infant clothing
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Baby equipment
  • Bottles, formula and related items

Since many of us at Eccentrics Boutique have started our own families, we understand that it can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. We are excited to spotlight this agency and do our part to help lighten the load of families with untimely pregnancies. On Saturday, May 30th, 2015, 20% of ALL SALES will be donated to Pregnancy Matters. We hope you will show your support and help us make this a great day for a great agency!

Stay Stylish and Give Back Beautiful!

May 29, 2015