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Easter is a very special time of year for all of us at Eccentrics Boutique. But it's more than beautiful women buying beautiful dresses and showing up to church on Sunday. This year is different for one of our stylists, Terra Farthing. She has three lovely daughters who have shared so many special Easter memories. They let us experience a typical morning getting ready for Easter Sunday.

Color coordinating Easter dresses from Eccentrics Boutique

All of my extended family gathers at my Aunt’s house the day before for lunch and an easter egg hunt. Easter morning, I cook breakfast and we go to church just like any other Sunday morning, but of course the girls get Easter baskets. After church we all pitch in and make lunch. Even though my girls are older, I still like to coordinate our dresses for this special Sunday. My sweet husband will wear whatever color we chose for him.  I remember the first year I bought him a pink shirt, he said, “I might as well embrace the pink because I have years of pink ahead of me.”

Mother and daughters get dress for Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday family outfit ideas from Eccentrics Boutique.

This Easter will be bittersweet for our family because it will be the last Easter that my oldest daughter lives in our home.  She will be getting married on May 13th and moving to Chicago, Illinois.  She has already asked if I will discontinue the Easter basket tradition for her next year.  My answer was no.  I should have put a condition on it, like she has to come home for Easter to wake up and get the basket. I remember her first Easter.  She wore a navy blue sailor dress, matching coat with gold buttons and hat.  I remember people telling me to treasure all the stages because they would go fast.

Sisters getting ready for Easter Sunday dressed in Eccentrics Boutique dresses.

Mother and daughter bonding on Easter Sunday. Matching Easter outfits at Eccentrics Boutique.

The ladies spend time helping each other with their hair and make up. Getting ready for the Farthing family is a special bonding moment. It's so sweet to watch one sister help the other with hair. And their mom gets special attention, too. It's clear why this family needs multiple bathrooms. But they all end up piling in their parents' bathroom.

Wearing Kendra Scott jewelry from Eccentrics Boutique on Easter Sunday.

Terra's family is full of women and they are so close. Everyone has their own unique personality and it really shows in their Easter outfit selection. Yet they still show their united family by coordinating colors. Terra has an ivory floral print dress with pinks and blues. Bailey wears an ivory bohemian inspired dress, Audrey Kate wears a ruffle blue style and Caroline wears a light pink maxi dress.

Mother and daughter coordinating Easter Sunday dresses at Eccentrics Boutique.

Easter Sunday is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb on the third day after his crucifixion. It is an amazing feeling to be reminded that because of what He so willingly did for me, I can have daily hope that I have victory over sin.  Not that I won’t sin, but that He has already paid the price for that sin.  

When I really stop and think about all those years and years ago a Father allowed His only Son to die such a miserable death for me it brings me to tears.  As a parent, I can not imagine sacrificing one of our daughters for people that I did not know especially for all the wrong things they had done or would do in the future. It humbles me to think of myself as the nails that hung Jesus on the Cross, but because of His sacrifice I can be set free from all guilt and shame and have a relationship with Him. Jesus’ voluntary sacrifice means an eternal redemption for us.

Easter Sunday outfit ideas at Eccentrics Boutique.

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  He did it for “whoever”, not just the pretty people or the rich or the sick, but whoever believes.  

John 3:17 “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”  I feel like so often people think they have sinned to much for God to love them or that they cannot be forgiven, but the truth is He loves you anyway.  We shouldn’t expect to be picture perfect before we come to Him, but just be who we are and let Him change anything that might need to be changed. I am thankful for my relationship with a Christ that cares about me.

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Bailey's Style: Ivory Long Sleeve Woven Dress $58 // Kendra Scott Jewelry

Audrey Kate's Style: Blue Grey Ruffle Off Shoulder Sleeveless Dress $49 // Kendra Scott Jewelry

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Sharon said:

Having watched Terra grow up, get married, and raise her own family, I loved reading this. Terra is an amazing lady with beautiful daughters following in her footsteps. Time flies as I remember Terra babysitting my own children. Fortunately for Terra, she’s adding a son-in-law and may someday add even more family members to love!

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