How to be a bohemian babe in a modern world

Some days we just want to run away to a more magical destination. Live in a boho chic teepee and dance the day away in a patch of sunshine. Or maybe we're just extremely jealous of Instagram photos from summer music festivals like Coachella. Either way, we're midwestern women with an extreme case of wanderlust. So with the help of Deliciously Ordinary, we created our own little bohemian inspired world in the most beautiful location in Southern Illinois...SIU College of Science Plant Biology Greenhouse.

How to be a bohemian babe in a modern world

  • Go with the flow. Literally. Boho style is all about embracing the light and airy. Wear loose fitting tops, flowy sleeves and off the shoulder. You want to feel the wind ripple the fabric across your skin. 
  • Wear a hat. A flouncy wide brim hat shields your eyes and helps disguise any bad hair days. 
  • Let your hair be free. Skip the product and heating tools. Let it it be wild. Mother nature knows what it is doing. Embrace the crazy curls, frizz and beachy waves. Let your hair do what it wants because you're doing the same.
  • Mix prints and textures. Tie dye fabrics. Floral printed clothing. Solids neutral colors. Lace details. All of these are boho must-haves. 
  • When in doubt, wear white. White is a natural airy neutral. A flowy white piece can be the center for any outfit whether it is a white maxi dress, off the shoulder top or maxi skirt.
  • Layer up the jewelry. Lots of metals and stone statement pieces. Long necklaces paired with trendy chokers. Think earthy and natural.
  • Wear distressed denim. The bohemian spirit doesn't have time for pristine jeans. Cut off shorts and destroyed jeans add a carefree vibe.

how to be a bohemian babe in a modern world

How to do you let your inner vagabond spirit shine?

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