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School is out and vacation season is here. Hotels are booked and beach bags are packed. We asked our model, Mackenzie Martin (Midwest Mermaid) to share her best summer beauty secrets.

  1. Even if you think you don't need it, remember to apply sunscreen! As a redhead, I get burnt often and constantly need to reapply. Find the right SPF for your skin.
  2. Aloe is your new BFF! I use aloe as a moisturizer as well as relief for said sunburns.
  3. Don't shave right before you go to the beach. The salt water will burn your fresh skin and open pores.
  4. Exfoliate often! Try Beauty Kitchen by Heather Marianna Tropical Skin Polish, it smells amazing and makes my skin feel so good!
  5. Get waterproof makeup since you'll likely be in the water a majority of the summer. Runny make up is the worst. Also, don't forget to get a new foundation to match your new summer glow. You don't want your old foundation looking too pale on your skin!
  6. Ditch the hair straightener and curling iron. Go natural with your hair! Get beachy with it. All natural is the way to go! Saves tons of time, too.
  7. Since it is sandal season, get your toes shellacked instead of just polished. It lasts much longer and looks good for weeks.
  8. Always keep chapstick on you! I can't live without it. You can wear it alone or under lipstick and it's a great sun protector.

8 Summer Beauty Secrets from Model at Eccentrics Boutique

Do you have any summer beauty secrets? Share in the comments below!

P.s. We can't get enough of women's maxi dresses and Kendra Scott jewelry.


Greenhouse photo shoot in collaboration with Deliciously Ordinary and SIU College of Science Plant Biology Greenhouse.

May 24, 2017 — Britni Bateman

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