Mom of three kids. Lessons learned as a new mom of three kids.Successful mothers are not the ones who have never struggled. They are the ones who never give up, despite the struggles.

Life with three children

My family is officially a circus. I feel like I'm the ringleader just directing everyone, telling them what to do and where to go. However, most of the time my little performers will go rogue and I'm cleaning up the mess. For example...

My first day back to work was cray-cray. First thing in the morning, Elle dropped my coffee mug on the bathroom floor. It shatters everywhere. I had to keep the kids out of the room while cleaning up the mess. And let me tell you, kids always want to be where they are not supposed to be. Then, on my way to work, I forgot to shut the trunk all the way. So when I get on Route 13, my trunk pops open and things start flying everywhere. And I end up being 3 hours late on my first day back from maternity leave.

Transition from two kids to three. Advice for new mom of three kids.

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I feel like everything is an adventure with Elle in the mornings. With Ledger, I can put on a movie and he’ll sit quietly while I get ready. But Elle is into everything. This week, she dumped my eye make up remover down the drain. Not once…but TWICE! You’d think I’d learn my lesson by now. Then I turn around and she’s smearing my lipstick and face mask all over her cheeks. 

When Ledger was going through this stage, it was just him. So I could focus on what he was doing. I cannot imagine what it’s going to be like when Elle and Indy are walking at the same time. I might lose my mind. 

Transition from two kids to three. Advice for new mom of three kids.

If it's not on the calendar, it's not happening.

Last Mother’s Day, I had two kids that were four years apart. This year, I have a five year old, one year old and a new born. Everyone told me the transition would be so easy from two kids to three. Lies. Having the younger two so close together has been a real challenge. I feel like I just get by every day. I have to be so routined, scheduled and stay on it. I have to write everything down in the calendar. If it’s not written down, it’s not happening. My brain is all over the place right now. So I have to make sure I’m focused. Just dropping them off at different places from pre-school to the daycare and the babysitter’s. It’s a 45 minute time commitment right there. And I’m relieved once I get to work. I feel like I already conquered the world and can take on whatever happens next. 

Plus, having an incredible team at Eccentrics Boutique is such a lifesaver. Everyone is so great at their jobs and trained so well that it takes a lot of pressure off of me.

Transition from two kids to three. Advice for new mom of three kids.

Trading heels for flats

I get down on myself because I don’t get to dress up all the time. Especially with the industry I’m in. I want to be dressier but I have to be practical. It’s probably more casual than I want it to be right now. But that’s just the stage I’m in. I love Spanx for my post-pregnancy body and flowy Free People tops. Most days I wear distressed denim, a graphic tee, kimono and flats. And a hat. Gotta have my hat. Especially when I don’t get time to wash my hair. Dry shampoo is my friend. Throw on some cute earrings, like Kendra Scott, lipstick and you look put together. But I can still get dressed up for date night. 

Transition from two kids to three. Advice for new mom of three kids.

Teamwork makes the dream work

It is so hard to do things for myself. Three changes the mix and they can out number you. I have to tag team with my husband to have any bit of alone time. If I’m getting my hair done or shopping at Target, I have to make sure my husband is able to work with me. It can be overwhelming when it’s just one of us with the kids. So we try to have each other’s backs and worth together. 

I’m more Type-A personality while Aaron is more laidback. I can tell him where he needs to go to get the kids and what’s on the schedule for the day. I’m very thankful he can keep me balanced in this crazy time.

Transition from two kids to three. Advice for new mom of three kids.

Embracing the circus

We’re in the tougher years. Everyone tells me to remember these crazy times. Remember the messes in the house. I know it’s going to happen really fast; they are going to grow up and become more independent. I’m going to blink and they will be gone. 

The best advice I've received is take time for each child. Do one-on-one dates so you build separate relationships with them. And take time for the husband. We might have to mark the calendar two months ahead, but we make sure it happens.

Transition from two kids to three. Advice for new mom of three kids.

Being a mom is rewarding

There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing them call out for me. Or when Ledger sits down and asks me questions and listens to my answers. Pinch me. It’s surreal. They look up to me, so I have to be the best role model for them. 

Even though it feels like a challenge now, it's worth every moment.

I hope all of the mamas out there feel encouraged and keep encouraging each other. We need all the support we can get!

Happy Mother's Day!

Lauren Craig


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May 12, 2018 — Lauren Craig

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