Reasons why We love working for Lauren | Happy Boss’s Day

October 16, 2018

Happy Boss’s Day to Lauren Craig, owner of Eccentrics Boutique!


Lauren shows us every day that she appreciates us. Well, today, we want her to know how special she is to us! Happy Boss’s Day, Lauren!!
“There is a statement that says if you do what you love and enjoy you will never work a day in your life. Working for Lauren is like that. It doesn’t matter what the task is for the day she makes being there fun. She is so full of life that you can’t help, but to be happy when you are with her.” - Terra
“Lauren’s sparkling personality and compassionate, caring spirit create a wonderful, positive work environment for the Eccentrics team. She is a savvy business woman and I have the utmost respect and admiration for her as a boss and a sweet friend.” - Donna
“Lauren is the best boss babe in the world because she deeply cares for the people who work for her. It’s more than employees to her, we are also friends. She goes out of her way to make the Eccentrics environment a positive and inspiring place to work. Lauren is a beautiful person both inside and out!” - Jordan
“Lauren is the BEST boss because she genuinely cares about her employees, customers, and just everyone she meets. She has such a great heart and works SO hard to create an environment where others feel welcomed. She really is the best!!" - Megan
“Lauren is the best boss because of how supportive she is. She loves all her employees and encourages us everyday!” - Sarah
“I am the newest addition to the Eccentrics team, and in my short time working for Lauren so far, I can tell that she easily is the best boss! She has made me feel so welcomed as an employee from the get go. Lauren’s positive and passionate traits create such a great environment to work in!“ - Emma
“Every day that I have worked at Eccentrics has been a great day. It’s easy to be passionate about a business when the leader is kind, caring and generous to her employees. Lauren Craig is the best boss who puts her heart and soul into her business, customers, employees, family and friends. We appreciate you, Lauren Craig!” - Britni

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