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Three Magic Questions That Will Change How Much Attention Your Man Gives You...

January 11, 2018

Three Magic Question's That Will Change How Much Attention Your Man Gives You from Connor on Vimeo.



Do you wish your man would focus on you a little more?

We do, too!

Let's be real, with all the demands on you and your significant other's schedules it can be nearly impossible to find quality time to connect.

The misconception is that this is the way it is always going to be. We think we have to give up and just let everything else steal the attention and focus of our man.

We've got news for you! This is not the way it's going to go this year. Especially this Valentines Day.

We are partnering with a certified "Get Your Man's Attention Back" expert. He's a man, so he understands the crazy caveman like brain that your significant other might have.

Connor James is the founder of MeaningFull Books. We've asked him to join our team over the next month and give us an inside look at how we can get more of our man's attention this year.

He's put together a guide of resources (videos and emails) that are going to help us defeat the unimportant distractions that are pulling our significant other away from us.  

If you spend five minutes watching his first video here is what will happen:

  • You'll learn three magic questions that will change how much attention he gives you.
  • You are guaranteed to laugh.
  • You'll have a new perspective on the way your man thinks.
P.S. These videos and emails we had Connor put together will help you get more of your man's attention. They are full of advice and things we would have NEVER thought of.

THE NEXT VIDEO: Three things you should never do to get your man to focus more on you. 

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