3 Easy Steps to Become a Supermom - Eccentrics Boutique

Just kidding. There are no three easy steps to being Supermom. She's a myth. A rumor. A dream you have when you're not even sleeping. Because...let's be real. Moms don't get to sleep. Let alone dream. My eyes aren't closed long enough for that. Any hopes I had of being Supermom with my son flew up, up and away after my daughter was born.

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3 Easy Steps to Become a Supermom - Eccentrics Boutique

But I will share with you some of my advice now that I'm a mommy of two. I don't claim to know everything. Each mom is different and has her own struggles. My struggle is finding the balance between running a business and running a household. It can be overwhelming, but every smile, every kiss and every snuggle makes it worth all the crazy moments in between.

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3 Easy Steps to Become a Supermom - Eccentrics Boutique

1. Living in the moment and stop obsessing over what the moment looks like. Finding the perfect Instagram filter won't make the moment any more beautiful. The title of my favorite book, "Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy" sums up my new expectations. 

2. Learning to say no to things that take me away from my family. I've learned that family time is few and far between. And I'm making a sincere effort to put them first. 

3. Breaking the habit of constantly checking my phone. As a business owner that is directly connected to social media, I regret that there are times I was looking at a screen instead of my child's face. This is something I am more aware of and making an honest effort to stop.

4. Throw the schedule away. Sometimes dinner isn't served at the exact time every day because we were too busy chasing each other around the yard. Or laundry wasn't sorted because the kids were having fun rolling around in the clean clothes.

5. Don't get worked up over the price tag when the memory is priceless. Vacations are worth it. Trust me.

6. At the end of the day, still find time to drink your glass of wine and unwind. Do something for yourself so you feel positive, confident and happy. This puts you in a better state of mind for the next day.

 3 Easy Steps to Become a Supermom - Eccentrics Boutique

In retrospect, the fact that we are doing the mom life does indeed make us Supermoms. The truth is...it's just not easy!

Have a happy Mother's Day!




Barbara said:

Excellent advice Lauren! Treasure each day with those little ones, Thank God for your health and blessings, and enjoy today! If we wait for “just the right time” to do anything – we would never do anything! You are setting a great example for women and Mom’s! Keep dreaming, keep doing and Thank God for the blessings!

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