15 Favorite Restaurants in Southern Illinois for Valentine's Day Dinner | Eccentrics Boutique

You don't have to cross the river to had a red hot Valentine's Day date! We have plenty of ahhhh-mazing local restaurants in Southern Illinois to satisfy any craving! We've compiled a list of our favorites for our local customers....and if you're not local, make a trip to the 618 area code. And stop by and buy something pretty while you're at it! ;) Read on for great foods and pretty pictures of the lovely Jordan and Jared!

15 Favorite Restaurants in Southern Illinois for Valentine's Day:

Global Gourmet - Carbondale, IL

Alongi's Italian Restaurant - Du Quoin, IL

Thai Taste - Carbondale, IL

Walker's Bluff - Carterville, IL

Mary's Restaurant - Herrin, IL

The Newell House - Carbondale, IL

Von Jakob Vineyard - Alto Pass, IL

Flame Grill & Bar - Carbondale, IL

Rare Chop House - Mt Vernon, IL

Yellow Moon Cafe - Cobden, IL

Seasoning Bistro - Benton, IL

Sao Asian Bistro - Marion, IL

Bella's - West Frankfort, IL

Tom's Place - De Soto, IL

Where is your favorite place to eat for Valentine's Day dinner?

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February 11, 2015

Valentine's Day Date Ideas for the Daytime | Longbranch Cafe & Bakery Carbondale IL | Eccentrics Boutique

How long has it been since you and your love just spent a whole day together? With work, school, parenting, and other outside demands, it can be difficult to be 100% focused. Trust us, we know! So try to carve out time this Valentine's Day just for you and your loved one. Whether you get to snuggle up in the morning, take stroll with coffee in your hometown, or reserve a table for a fancy dinner. Find a way to show your significant other that they are your #1.

Jordan is wearing our new high waisted denim. For a retro style, she tied our Michael Stars top at the waist and added a pop of color with a skinny belt. She took a plain blush pink top to the next level with a bold statement necklace.







Here are some of our favorite carefree daytime Valentine's Day date ideas:


Browse local thrift stores for a unique gift to surprise each other.

Grab coffee and light lunch at your favorite locally-owned cafe.

Take a stroll in your downtown to window shop.

Stop in a small business you've never visited before.

Take a selfie in a location that has personal meaning to your relationship.

Steal a kiss in a doorway.

Select your favorite dessert from a small bakery.

Go treasure hunting by hitting up some estate or yard sales.

Pick out some books and movies at the library.

Go to a student art show.

Check out local farmers markets.

Get crafty and do a project together.

Enjoy a local festival or wine/beer tastings.

Daydream about the future together.

Just enjoy each others company. Be silly and laugh together.


Our stylist, Jordan, is very excited to spend February 14th with her husband, Jared. Their favorite place for a light lunch is at Longbranch Cafe & Bakery in Carbondale, IL. Longbranch is a vegetarian and vegan cafe that prides itself in delicious handmade meals using locally grown and organic products. They support local farmers and strive to build community with staff and neighbors. That is definitely a business we can get behind at Eccentrics!


Special thanks to Longbranch Cafe & Bakery for letting us hang out and drink their delicious coffee!

February 07, 2015

14 Romantic Gestures on Valentine's Day | Eccentrics Boutique

2015 feels like it just arrived....and now it's almost Valentine's Day!! Not only is it the most romantic day...it's on a Saturday this year! So get ready to sleep in, snuggle up, and look cozy with your honey! Our stylist, Jordan, cannot wait to spend the day in her comfy Judith March "Wifey" top and leggings. View images from their adorable love at home photo session and read below on their 14 tips for romantic gestures on Valentine's Day morning.

14 Romantic Gestures on Valentine's Day {Morning}

1. Finish something on the hunny-do list. - Jared
2. Pick up his favorite KCup and have it sitting out ready for him. - Jordan
3. Bring her a smoothie in bed. - Jared
4. Make heart shaped pancakes! - Jordan
5. Sneak a gift beside the bed to be found in the morning. - Jared
6. Leave him a note in his office to be found in the morning telling him how appreciated he is. - Jordan
7. Make sure there are no sleep distractions so she can sleep in as long as she wants. - Jared
8. Take family photos with the red wax lips for all to wear. - Jordan
9. If your spouse isn't a morning person, join them in staying in PJ's and resting for as long as desired. - Jared
10. Pick out a scripture, poem, or special saying that relates to your love and hang it on the wall. - Jordan
11. Offer a foot rub. - Jared
12. Share in a time of thankfulness for one another. - Jordan
13. Clean up the breakfast dishes! - Jared
14. Set his phone home screen of a selfie of me and Ransom doing kiss-y lips for him. - Jordan


Their New Little Valentine

The love in our house has only grown this past year. Finding a spouse that you are crazy about to share your life with is a gift enough, but this past year we got to meet someone that we never knew would be able to pull such love out of us. He is awesome, he's adorable, and he is 6 months old. His name is Ransom and he's the greatest baby on the planet. Ok, we are a little biased maybe, but come on, just look at the kid! Parenting is no doubt about extremes. Extreme exhaustion, extreme emotion, extreme grossness, extreme amounts of bodily fluids, and extreme love. We couldn't be more grateful that a new member of our family is here for this Valentine's Day. We love you, our little Valentine!!


What are the romantic gestures you plan to do on Valentine's Day morning? 


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February 01, 2015