Taylor Made Tuesday: Mink Pink Lackawanna Blues Tan Kimono

You can't be singing the blues when you're wearing Mink Pink's gorgeous soft suede-like kimono! We're especially swooning over the delicate laser cutout and scallop trim! Taylor wants to show how to take this one beautiful overlay and give it two different vibes.

In the first outfit, Taylor has a laid-back summer approach. Mix textures like distressed denim and delicate crochet. Throw on some hard metal jewelry and colorful beaded bracelets. Don't forget some tall wedge sandals to add some height!

Mink Pink Lackawanna Blues Kimono $86 // Tank Top $43 // Shorts $37 // Roxy Rabb Necklace $33 // Brown Bracelet $22.95 // Tan/Cream Bracelet $26.95 // Wedge Sandals $37

After wearing your favorite new Mink Pink Lackawanna Blues Kimono during the day, get ready for date night! Taylor makes this soft overlay super sexy by layering on top of a basic black tank slip dress. Tie in the earthy tones with a statement necklace and layer stone jewelry. Add strappy flat sandals and get ready for dinner with the significant other!

Mink Pink Lackawanna Blues Kimono $86 // Tank Dress $25 // Roxy Rabb Necklace $75 // Mason Strap Sandals $29 // Black Bracelet $32 // Gold Rock Bracelet $30

Which style would you wear?

Stay Stylish!!

July 21, 2015

Outfit Inspiration: Farmer's Market | Cannon Park Community Market Carterville IL

We are so proud to be a part of the most adorable community in Southern Illinois....Carterville! And one of the best parts of summer in Carterville, Illinois, is the local farmer's market at Cannon Park. The Cannon Park Community Market brings together local farmers and artists all over Southern Illinois. So we dressed up in something pretty and decided to check it out!

Jordan stopped to smell the flowers at Chautauqua Bend Flower Farm's display. Their colorful bouquets immediately put a smile on her face. We had to buy one to brighten up the Eccentrics Team eating area!

Bandana Dress $65 // Black Lace Bralette

After checking out the flowers, Jordan visited Makai Jewelry's table featuring beautiful handmade Hawaiian jewelry. They also had the cutest baby moccasins!

Bandana Dress $65 // Black Lace Bralette

Next, Jordan hit up the fresh produce stands. Brumleve Farm in Cobden, Illinois, had some beautiful tomatoes and peaches! We might have bought a bag....or two.

Let's Go Get Lost Tank Top $37

Hubbard Farm's booth had some delicious jam and broccoli for purchase. We missed out on the fresh berries though. That will teach us to arrive at the farmer's market right when it opens!

Nothing says fresh from the farm like brown eggs! Big Muddy Hogs & Poultry had their brown eggs on display. They already sold out of fresh bacon before we got there but we won't let that happen again!

Checking In Dress $55

Jordan checked out the vegetable and herb plants at Naturae Via, LLC table. It would be nice to finally start our own produce garden! We fell in love with the owners of Schluter Produce in Cobden. We asked the sweet older couple if they had a website or Facebook page to link to....and they said no. So make you you visit the local farmer's markets to support their local farm! We scored some fresh kale that is delicious!

Checking In Dress $55

It was definitely a successful day! Thank you to all of the local farmers and artists who enrich our communities! And another huge thank you to the beautiful Brittney Dillon (pictured below) for letting us come out and do a mini photo shoot at Cannon Park Community Market! She does an amazing job organizing this wonderful addition to the Carterville community!

Do you have a favorite farm or farmer's market? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay Stylish!!


June 20, 2015

Outfit Inspirations with House of Rose | Eccentrics Boutique

Mandy Rose with House of Rose is back with more summer outfit inspirations! We have two different outfits featured: one focus on hot pink and another with contrasting black and white. Each outfit is bold in its own right....which represents Mandy Rose very well. Read on to learn more about our featured blogger and to see the stunning images from our photo shoot!

As a stay-at-home mother and entrepreneur, how important is fashion in your daily life?

Sometimes people think that because I work from home I don't get out of my pajamas. But the truth is, I have to get up, shower and get dressed in something fashionable or I feel like my day hasn't started! There is something about feeling good about the way you look that makes your work more productive. :)

What is your favorite part of working from home?

I love being in control of my own destiny. I can work as much or as little as I want. And it's funny because I work more now then I did when I had a full time corporate job. But the difference is? I love what I do now!

What inspires you and how does it impact your daily life?

Being in the blogging community I feel like I get inspired everyday from the women who I surround myself with. My business partner, Natalie {who founded Happy Mommy Box} is someone who inspires me daily. I often call her SUPERMOM. She has 3 little kids at home just like me and also runs her blog and online business. She shares her life as a mom and the fun things that she does with her babies makes me want to be a person. Even if it's just hanging out at the park...she exudes JOY  in everything she does...and that inspires me.

Do you have any secret talents that most people do not know?

I can roll my belly. Like a belly dancer. Bahahaha. Don't ask for a video.

What’s your best kept beauty secret?

Be yourself! I know that seems so simple, but I can't tell you how many times I have tried to dress or do my make-up like someone else and it just wasn't me. Once I finally realized that I had my own style...I embraced that! It's made me a whole more confident! 

What is your favorite thing about Eccentrics?

Besides the fact that the store is BEYOND adorable, I love that every time I go in there the stylists actually CARE about helping me. Especially Lauren... you can just tell how much she loves her business and she genuinely is a fashionista! Plus, I ALWAYS find something when I go in there. More like I find at least 5 things. Ha!

What’s something you do every day that you love?

Drink fountain coke. #oops 

No really, every day I get up and put on makeup. Not a ton of makeup, but powder, blush, mascara and lip gloss can make you feel 100 times more put together and it only takes 5 minutes!

What makes you happiest?

Being with my husband and kids and doing something spontaneous! We are prepping for a 2 week RV trip across the states and we currently have no plan for where we will stop. But, I love that our family can just pick up and go...knowing that it doesn't really matter where we are going or what we are doing because we are together...and that's all that matters! I love creating memories that will last forever!


June 30, 2014